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Rodnight at Medica 2016

DATE: 18.11.2016

A busy week at Medica in Dusseldorf where The  Rodnight Partnership clients exhibiting included Fir... READ MORE

Medic East Africa – Nairobi

DATE: 7.10.2016

Managing Director, Martin Rodnight was in attendance at the Medic East Africa exhibition at the Oshw... READ MORE

Infection Control Africa

DATE: 27.09.2016

The Rodnight Partnership was in attendance at the recent Infection Control Africa Network show , at ... READ MORE

Africa Health

DATE: 4.07.2016

The Rodnight Partnership recently took a booth at the Africa Health exhibition at the Gallagher Cent... READ MORE

Middle East Association Briefing on Sudan

DATE: 3.06.2016

It was a privilege to be invited to attend the Middle East Association briefing on Sudan on the 1st ... READ MORE