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Our Services

Whether you are a small or large company, whether new to exporting or experienced, our aim is to help you  to grow your international business.

The key to our success is our knowledge of multiple international markets. We have years of experience in  working with medical distributors and a huge network of contacts in all of the key countries. This allows us to  make an informed recommendation on suitable channels.

How can you tell if a distributor is the right choice for your product? This is not an easy task! It is easy to  spend months of effort trying to tie down the right people, only to find that they are not suitable, or were  never that interested in a serious relationship. The Rodnight Partnership can research potential partners,  whether newly discovered or already on our database, and make a meaningful evaluation of their potential  and the business prospects. We can use our feet on the ground to get market feedback and end user  opinions. Finding the right distributor is critical to your international success. The Rodnight Partnership can  find you the right partner, quickly, and can then go on to assist you in managing that relationship to  maximise sales.

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