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Ongoing Channel Management

Continued management of your international distributors is just as critically important as the initial  appointment. We all know that distributors need to be monitored and managed, so that they continue to  focus on your products. If they do not have regular contact they can drift to other priorities and the business  will begin to suffer. Regular business meetings are essential, as are training courses, incentive schemes,  promotional activities and so on.

The Rodnight Partnership can offer a full programme of distributor management to all companies, whether  large or small. Whether you are a small company and new to international, or a larger organization but with  limited international resources, we can help. We will work with you to ensure a successful execution of your  business plan. We can either assist your own team in the process, or provide a complete execution service  for a country or a region. We will agree a project plan and give you regular project updates.

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