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Channel Recommendation

Choosing the right partners for your international business is not easy, but it is absolutely critical. At the  Rodnight Partnership we have many years of experience of finding, assessing, developing and motivating  international partners. We will research the market and conduct extensive in country analysis in order to pick  the very best partners for your business. In many cases we will have already worked with them and will have  a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. We will assist in the preparation of a business plan  and forecast, keeping to strict timelines.

If you choose to take over the ongoing management of the business, our training division can offer courses  to your employees in the management and development of distributors and channel partners, as well as  tailor made courses for your sales teams. This will allow you to manage the business once the distributor is  up and running. If you do not have the resources necessary to support the business locally, The Rodnight  Partnership can tailor a plan to assist you in doing so.

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