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Case Studies

VASCOCARE, Ireland: Small private business needing executive sales support.

Vascocare is a small Irish company making patient positioning devices for the OR. The Rodnight  Partnership was appointed back in 2010 to help them to grow their international presence. Like  many small start-up companies, Vascocare had little knowledge of the international market, and  were even fairly new to the medical market.

The Rodnight Partnership was taken on to advise them on the development of the business from  an overall standpoint. We attended board meetings and were present at many of the investor  relations meetings, thereby helping to add weight to the Vascocare offering.

Unlike many of the other products in The Rodnight Partnership, the Vascocare range was  particularly suited to the US market, because of a high interest there in patient safety in the  operating room. A thorough business plan was therefore drafted, with timelines and forecasts, and  then a product launch was made on a trade stand at the AORN congress in New Orleans. This  resulted in a huge amount of interest from distributors and end users alike. The Rodnight  Partnership then worked closely with Vascocare management to shortlist the various distributors  and ultimately make a number of appointments. Following this we were able to make further visits  to the USA to support the distributors in the field and to attend other nursing congresses.

“None of this work in the USA would really have been feasible without the help of The Rodnight  Partnership” said Michael Lawler, Technical Director of Vascocare. “Martin and his team gave us a  huge amount of support and encouragement, enabling us to believe in our goals, and to achieve  the most sales possible. We had little experience of the medical market, and even less of the  international arena, so the knowledge and experience of The Rodnight Partnership was of  immense help”.

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