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Case Studies

EVEXAR, UK : A new start-up company, originating from a product development at University College Hospital in London.

When Evexar approached The Rodnight Partnership for support, following a meeting at the Medica  exhibition in Dusseldorf, they had practically no sales outside of the UK, and no distribution channels whatsoever. It was clear to them that the export market was where they wanted to be, but they had no idea of where to start, nor what to do.

The first months of the consultancy involved regular meetings with Evexar management, following  research by The Rodnight Partnership into market opportunities. At these meeting the various  export regions would be discussed and gradually a short list was prepared of those countries  where we wished to focus our efforts. It is very easy for a new company to go all out for export in  something of a shotgun approach, but the experience of The Rodnight Partnership meant that we were able to pick those countries where the chance of sales was the greatest, with the use of  valuable resources being the least.

Gradually we developed the brand throughout the Middle East, then Africa, Scandinavia and later  the Far East, assisting Evexar on their booths at events such as Medica, Arab Health, Medic Asia and Africa Health. Sales grew steadily, with particular successes in the KSA, Kuwait, UAE and Denmark.

Commenting on the support, Karen Cheetham, then CEO of Evexar, said: “”At the outset it was  immensely useful to have the experience of The Rodnight Partnership to assist us in deciding  where to put our limited resources. As the business developed, the support we received from  Martin and his team, particularly at trade shows, was invaluable. They were able to bring key  decision makers directly to us, and helped us greatly in identifying the best partners. This is not an easy task in the Middle East and so the background knowledge of The Rodnight Partnership in this  exercise was invaluable”.”

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