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Tony Abboud BSc MBT

“CleanPatch is a first-in-class innovation that would benefit healthcare facilities globally; however, our company’s focus is currently on North America. The Rodnight Partnership has enabled us to expand our business into global markets by finding the right distributor partner to sell our product. This would not be possible without Martin Rodnight’s extensive experience in medical device distribution and strong relationships around the world. The sales structure established in our alliance allows us to keep our overhead low while we build on these opportunities. I strongly recommend the services of The Rodnight Partnership to SMEs with innovative technology looking for global expansion.”

Lew Allyn

“Martin joined Welch Allyn in the early 1980’s working throughout the EMEA region as well as in numerous countries in the Far East. Martin was instrumental in helping Welch Allyn set up subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and South Africa as we sought to grow the business internationally. In addition, Martin served as a channel product manager for our thermometry business and helped to finalize the go to market strategy and international business agreement with our thermometry partner. One of Martin’s most important legacies at Welch Allyn is that he played a key role in developing a first class team of territory managers and distribution partners throughout the EMEA region, which was a key ingredient to serving our customers.”

John P. Griffin

“Martin set up The Rodnight Partnership back in 2009, after he left Welch Allyn, having served there as VP International Distribution, EMEA. Since then he has used his immense knowledge of the Middle East and African markets to assist many companies in their international development. Martin understands distributors, it’s really as simple as that. Manufacturers can save a huge amount of time and effort in choosing the right distributor by employing the services of The Rodnight Partnership to identify and assess potential channel partners. I would wholeheartedly recommend Martin’s services to the medical manufacturing industry.”

Peter Soderberg

“Martin’s work was outstanding when I worked with him. The scope of his activities, and the clarity of purpose and outcomes, were notable. Martin had in depth knowledge of his distributors, and his ability to influence management was apparent. His visits to major end-user decision makers, and to clinical environments where our products are used, gave him a first hand feel for providers.”

Kapriel Karagozyan

“The Rodnight Partnership has had a significant effect on our ability to develop international markets. While we can always get leads and business through e-marketing and trade shows, there is no substitute for the personal approach. This is where The Rodnight Partnership has excelled, with first class contacts throughout the region, and the ability to manage distributor relationships at a local level.  As an SME, we just don’t have the resources to manage distributors in every region with direct staff, so a trusted organization such as The Rodnight Partnership, which is active in the region, makes an ideal partner.”