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Ten years of bringing people together!

DATE: 8.08.2019

August 11th 2019 sees the 10th anniversary of the foundation of The Rodnight Partnership.

And what a ten years it has been! We have increased sales and market penetration for a whole host of manufacturers, and we’ve had a whole lot of fun doing it!  We have launched so many products to the international market, including Vascocare patient positioners, Sleep Angel pillows,  Harvest mattresses, Evexar speculae, and Geko DVT protection, to name but a few.

Detailed channel evaluation reports have been carried out for OBS Medical, Hygiena, and Infrascanner, all of whom have gone on to appoint quality distributors in key countries.

We are active in over 50 countries in EMEA alone, and more in the Far East. Our manufacturing clients have come from over 20 different countries.

Leading focus products at present include ENT and neonatal products from Bionix Inc, electrosurgery from Prima Medical, and single use instruments from our most recent client, SUSL instruments, in Cardiff.

Our business is all about bringing people together. We work with some terrific individuals, be they working as suppliers, distributors, partners or in other roles and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. We’re looking forward to another ten years of helping companies to grow internationally.