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Praestet sign two year contract with Rodnight

DATE: 5.06.2018

We were delighted to take advantage of our joint attendance at the recent Africa Health exhibition to sign a two year consultancy agreement with Praestet (Pty) Ltd, makers of the Symba child cot.

The Rodnight Partnership will take on the Symba cot, and other products, for sales throughout East and West Africa,  the Middle East, South East Asia and Scandinavia. Commenting on the signing, Jed Aylmer, CEO of Praestet said: “We’re delighted to have The Rodnight Partnership on board at this critical stage in the development of our company. We have Symba already on trial in the UAE, and we have the new powered version in production right now. We look forward to growing sales of the full range throughout the Rodnight territories.”

Martin Rodnight said: “This is a great company and a great product. The Symba cot is already in use at the much respected Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg, and we are confident that we will be able to repeat that success in a number of key countries.”