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12) The guy wants to discover and you can take control of your personal data

12) The guy wants to discover and you can take control of your personal data

Among signs and symptoms of an insecure and you may jealous boy is actually when he tears your off and insults what you like on an every day basis.

He might say you look like a great zombie once you dancing otherwise that you seem like a vintage cat women once you see plenty, he is invalidating your appeal and mocking everything you like.

He is demonstrably jealous of your affairs you have with others and you may new contentment you have made away from something other than time that have him.

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11) He destroys your mind-respect

Certainly my pals is actually a lovely and very practical girl which had associated with a vulnerable and possessive boy.

He said the guy planned to take care of her, one to she was stunning and unique, and on and on…and then he treated this lady for example crap!

He acknowledged the lady real charm however, used it in order to insult their intelligence, stating that a sexy girl such this lady must not “waste” time on her knowledge and really works and that the woman beautiful physical appearance was facts that she wasn’t designed for scholarly and professional activities.

Take note of the undeniable fact that he never individually told you she are stupid or foolish. He merely continually meant one the girl beauty created she was not ideal to own mental something and really should “learn the girl place.”

When the a guy enjoys you and areas your during the a healthier means, he will never ever humiliate you and ruin oneself-regard! (more…)